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Recent exhibitions
Bucks Open Studios 2010, 2011, 2012
Bucks Arts Society, Beaconsfield 2012
Carole Ann Duffy, "World's Wife" exhibition, Obsidian Gallery 2012
Off the Wall exhibition, Aylesbury County Museum 2011
Namibian Collection, Thame 2010
Thame Museum exhibition of art 2010
Watermeadows, Thame 2009

News:   The Namibian collection

These oil paintings bring to life the vivid ochres, terracotta, blues and textures of this vast and varied country.  Ranging from near-abstract evocations of the rocky scarps and brilliant red sand dunes of the desert to finely-observed representations of the animals of the Etosha plains, the works combine colour and texture on a variety of scales. 

In visits to Namibia I have spent time observing and recording the landscape: desert, sand dunes, rock formations and the untamed Skeleton Coast.  The paintings express my Namibian experience in works which are bold in colour, texture and form.

Ruppells Korhaan